Welcome to Shredders Digest.

About Us: We landed here many lightyears ago and have been living among you all. We came here in a craft that you call a UFO.

About our Home: 225088 Gonggong. It's a dwarf planet of your Solar System, and a member of the scattered disc beyond Neptune. It has a highly eccentric and inclined orbit during which it ranges from 34-101 astronomical units (5.1-15.1 billion kilometers; 3.2-9.4 billion miles) from the Sun.

How Often are the releases: Pretty much when we're feeling it.

Can I return my items: No. Space shipping is too costly. You don't even want to know. 
Whats up: Chilling, Chilling.

You look like humans? Thats so reductive.

Can you guys even ride bikes with your little alien hands? YES