The Shredders Team has been interested in Consciousness for years.

What started as curiosity about meditation quickly provoked other questions such as what makes "me, ME". While there are no definitive answers, the schools of thought seem clustered between those that believe consciousness emerges from physical matter in the brain, and those that believe it emerges from complexity of firing patterns. Check out some of what we read about the subject:

Colorado: Still Wild , and let’s try to keep it that way.

It’s no surprise that the western film genre had such a global impact. The themes of freedom, self defined law, human vs. nature are alluring and sticky. For all of those that live in glass structures, and shuttle from meeting to meeting, the fresh air of the rockies can seem like a needed refuge. So can the ideals personified in the history of the west. This is the sensation that riding bikes give us, a sensation of Colorado, of wild exploration, of the impossible at your fingertips beckoning you explore it day by day. Below are some books that have had continuous impact on us…

Backyard Inspiration, Daily.

Marin county is a few miles north of San Francisco. It was not only fundamental in the birth of the hippy movement, but also of the proliferation of Eastern Thought in the west. Not to mention, it’s also the home of the mountain bike. Our answer is the mountains.  Boundless redwood trees, microclimates, rolling hills, and diverse ecosystems. This is the shredders backyard. A few minute pedal from the office, Mt Tamalpias is a place of two wheel worship, and a magical place in that. Here are some of our favorite books about it. 

Gotta Love Your Mother.

We only have one earth. Ecology, environmentalism and sustainability play a large role at Shredders. It’s important to us in order to spread the messages found in some of the texts below, as well as promoting a more harmonious existence with nature. Climate will be the challenge of our lifetime, and for us it starts with being informed and helping in each small way we can, everyday. Riding bikes is extremely fundamental to the development of cities, and a more sustainable method of transportation. We look at each day on the bike, as one small contribution to a fight to keep our planet a little safer. The books sited below have had a profound impact on our outlook. Please check them out.