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WHY INVEST With Shredders?

Cause who else is going to be here when we invade your planet. Us.

Corporate Strategy

Meet our Board of DIRECTORS:



With Extensive experience in the interstellar corporate Sector, Blaise got his MBA on Neptune at the age of 4. By the time he was not on Neptune anymore he got smarter and smarter, then he studied abroad in Paris and fell in love with a nice human girl named Erica. Blaise and Erica live in their home in Connecticut with their labradoodle and three kids.



While Brad got his start in a strip club on Jupiter, things have been looking up for the last couple millennia. After making a end to end deal with target, Brad climbed the corporate ladder in Milwaukee . He loves hiking, the gym, and subscribes to many only fans accounts.

In a classic Brad Quote: he said, that monogamy is for earthlings. "I'll get married when I'm dead." Oh Brad. You'll never die.


Not much to say about Brett. Just a cool dude with a lot of ambition.


Alright, maybe we should pass on this bro for a moment. Uh , BILL IS NO LONGER WITH THE COMPANY