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as you well know, shredders has it's earth base in marin county, california. however, in this home of mountain biking, 99.9 % of the trails are illegal to ride bikes on. so we had to adapt, and given that the gamma rays are suppressed by your atmosphere we couldn't do the natural chameleon thing- and had to adapt in order to survive.


not only is it lycra, yes, real lycra, but you can just ghost people in this ghillie suit. ranger, no problem- you've got your invisibility cloak on. you might technically have diplomatic immunity in this kit too (let me check) but either way it's a real disappearing act, and we think you'll dig it.

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we've got the finest alien apparel, suited to tackle any trail

“The most offensive thing ever created in the galaxy“

-fox news

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5000 years ago we came to Earth from the planet 225088 Gonggong. Upon landing we tried talking to you humans, but we’re aliens, so that didn’t work. Our mission is to share the message of Shredding.

We share our message through symbols and ART. This is the only way we can receive files from the other side of the solar system. The data is transmitted over 20 million light years and hand etched into meteorites which we collect and then use as the source material for the artwork on the prints. Hence the occasional pre order delays.

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