Many Many years ago in a dimension that is not your human dimension- A group of alien beings named the Shredders Digest made a plan to set out for a planet with better trails. At first it required everything they had, sacrifice, resources, technological innovation and excellent food... They had worked up a plan to leave their planet- but the Grand Leader of Gong Gong 6- prohibited any youths of grand ambition from leaving their atmosphere. They petitioned, they lobbied, they attempted multiple escapes- but every time, the lunar guard would catch the ship and send them right back. There the Shredders where- with the ripping single track of earth in their sites, and banned from leaving the tyranny of their own galaxy. And then something dawned upon them- what if they were to apply for an exit visa under a trade condition- they would export the ethos of their world and share it with the rest of the solar system, and the lower dimensions. They would do this in the form of Shredders Digest Merch. So one day they gathered their silk screen samples, and five panel hat samples- and went to the court of the grand leader. At first the grand leader met them with an absolute no. As the dejected shredders walked toward the crystal exit of the grand leaders palace- a soft voice called out. It was the lap kitten of the grand later, a great cat named Jacobi. And in a purring voice- Jacobi said- maybe we have all thought about this wrong. The grand leader wants to spread his message to the galaxy and you are among the most capable of any creates to do so. What if we created a chain of frozen food stores on earth in which to slowly brainwash the populous. Then after the 10th frozen enchilada the candidate would elevate to the higher dimension and return as a faithful serf to the grand leader. The Merch can be the lure, Jacobi said, and the frozen meals will be the hook. The Shredders agreed, the grand leader drew up a legally binding document. And the Gong Gong 6 Shredders Digest set out on the journey to earth. This is when human history truly begins.
“A story of ambition, daring and love”- The New York times
“An exodus of grand proportions” - The New republic
I had never heard of the book, “Shredders Digest“ but was just browsing the classics section at a B&N with an eye for the Classics--I like the physical feel and dimensions of their books. I learned classics truly have no gender. I am a 38yo male and even if the target audience was a book about aliens for aliens(according to the introduction/preface), I was enraptured by the different personalities of the four aliens and I'm sure anybody can find a little bit of them in their personalities.” - Tom
“The most offensive thing ever created in the galaxy“ - Fox News
“I bought the complete collection on Audible because it hit a bunch of things I was enjoying at once; burritos/crime stories and pure stupidity for the most part.” - Angela
With Extensive experience in the interstellar corporate Sector, Blaise got his MBA on Neptune at the age of 4. By the time he was not on Neptune anymore he got smarter and smarter, then he studied abroad in Paris and fell in love with a nice human girl named Erica. Blaise and Erica live in their home in Connecticut with their labradoodle and three kids.
While Brad got his start in a strip club on Jupiter, things have been looking up for the last couple millennia. After making a end to end deal with target, Brad climbed the corporate ladder in Milwaukee . He loves hiking, the gym, and subscribes to many only fans accounts.
In a classic Brad Quote: he said, that monogamy is for earthlings. "I'll get married when I'm dead." Oh Brad. You'll never die.
Not much to say about Brett. Just a cool dude with a lot of ambition.
Alright, maybe we should pass on this bro for a moment. Uh, BILL IS NO LONGER WITH THE COMPANY
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